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International Design and Consulting Team of Freelancers with an adaptive approach and creative ideas.

About Me

“As an aspiring professional, I have always believed that passion and dedication extend beyond the realms of career. With this ethos in mind, I invite you to delve into a unique aspect of my personality”

Reflections on My Time at School

2007 – 2009

During my early years, I had the privilege of attending the private Wirtschaftsschule Begemann e. V. in Bavaria from 2007 to 2009. This private business school provided me with an enriching academic and social environment that I will forever cherish.

One of the most remarkable aspects of my time at the private Wirtschaftsschule Begemann e. V. was the exceptional quality of education I received. The dedicated and passionate teachers ensured that the curriculum was not only engaging but also relevant to real-world business practices. Their expertise and guidance helped me develop a strong foundation in various subjects, including economics, accounting, marketing, and business administration.

The “Wirtschaftsschule” is a Bavarian specialty

Exciting Journey in the Music Industry!

2009 – 2014

My passion for the music industry and audiovisual media led me to Unicade Music in 2007. There, I completed my training as a merchant for audiovisual media, which I successfully completed in 2009. During my time at Unicade Music, I had the opportunity to gain experience in repertoire evaluation, artist management, music production, marketing and promotion, as well as general office organization. Additionally, I further developed my skills in travel expense accounting, trade fair and travel organization, cash management, as well as website and CD cover creation.

After this wonderful time at Unicade Music, I joined Global Records in 2012 as a Repertoire Manager. At Global Records, I had the pleasure of representing renowned artists. Furthermore, I was significantly involved in projects with Harold Faltermeyer and celebrated our hit in Austria with the band Klimmstein and Sting’s son, Joe Sumner. During my time at Global Records, my responsibilities expanded to include sound carrier production, project management, distribution and marketing of products and services, marketing and promotion, as well as customer acquisition and negotiations on a national and international level.

Working in the music industry for companies like “Unicade Music” and “Global Records” was an incredibly enriching and fulfilling experience.

During my time at “Unicade Music,” we had the opportunity to produce music for film and television, as well as work with exceptional artists such as Lou Bega.

One of our highlight collaborations at Global Records has been with the immensely talented Dianna Corcoran, an Australian Country Star.

Dianna Corcoran is an artist who captivates audiences with her emotionally charged performances and soulful voice. With her unique blend of traditional country elements and contemporary flair, she has carved a niche for herself in the music industry.

Being involved in the production of music for film and TV was like stepping into a world of endless creativity and excitement. Collaborating with talented musicians, composers, and sound engineers, we worked tirelessly to create captivating soundtracks that perfectly complemented the visual storytelling. It was incredible to witness how music could enhance the emotions and immerse the audience in the stories being told on screen.

Working with Goar B (The Producer of Lou Bega / Mambo No. 5) was an absolute delight. His infectious energy and passion for music shone through in every collaboration. Together, we crafted catchy tunes that became instant hits, spreading joy and happiness to listeners all over the world. It was a privilege to be a part of his journey and witness the incredible impact his music had on people’s lives.

After my time at “Unicade Music,” I had the amazing opportunity to join “Global Records.” This label brought together a diverse assortment of talented artists, each with their unique style and sound. One artist that stood out was Joe Sumner, the son of the legendary musician Sting. Collaborating with Joe allowed me to witness the evolution of his artistry and his ability to create music that carried a sense of familiarity while maintaining his distinctive voice. It was a true testament to his talent and the powerful legacy passed down through generations.

Klimmstein and Joe Sumner’s “Paris Paris” Climbs to the Second Spot on the Austrian Music Charts!

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - OCTOBER 3, 2017: English singer and songwriter Sting (L) and his son, musician Joe Sumner perform during a show as part of Sting's '57th & 9th' world tour at Olimpiyskiy Stadium. Vyacheslav Prokofyev/TASS Foto: Vyacheslav Prokofyev/TASS/dpa

Another prominent artist we had the privilege of working with at “Global Records” was Harold Faltermeyer.

Having composed the iconic “Axel F” theme for the hit movie Beverly Hills Cop, Harold was a true musical genius. It was an honor to witness his creative process and be a part of his projects. Seeing his compositions come to life and witnessing the timeless impact of his music was an experience that left an indelible mark on me.

Overall, my time in the music industry, with companies like “Unicade Music” and “Global Records,” was a dream come true. The opportunities to work with exceptional artists, create amazing soundtracks for film and television, and witness the profound impact of music on people’s lives were beyond compare. It was a period filled with endless inspiration, growth, and unforgettable moments that have shaped my love for music and the industry forever.

Axel F Beverly Hills Cop Movie Theme

Start as Freelancer

2014 – now

Parallel to my employment at Global Records, I started working as a freelancer in 2014, taking care of web projects and graphic design work for various clients. These experiences allowed me to continuously expand my knowledge in web development and graphic design.

In addition to my passion for working in media agencies, I have a special interest in freelancing and have launched a project called “Digital-Creative-Team”. This has allowed me to continuously expand my skills in web design and graphic design.


2014 – now

In May 2014, I decided to switch to the advertising industry and began my career at the renowned media agency OMD Munich, a part of Omnicom, the world’s largest media agency network. During my time at OMD Munich, I was responsible for planning, conceptualizing and presenting online media strategies for famous brands.

I conducted market and target group analyses, selected suitable online advertising platforms, negotiated prices, and created reports on the success of campaigns. Additionally, I was responsible for client consultation, data and statistic management, as well as the implementation and evaluation of social media campaigns.

In March 2018, I had the opportunity to join MediaCom Munich, another leading agency network. There, I held the position of Senior Media Consultant and worked with clients like RTL2 and adidas. My responsibilities included cross-media planning, conceptualizing and presenting media campaigns and annual strategies, the operational aspects of campaign launches, as well as budget responsibility and monitoring of qualitative, pricing, and audit-relevant target KPIs. Furthermore, I was responsible for creating and evaluating market and target group analyses, selecting advertising platforms, price negotiations, and creating success reports for clients. The implementation and evaluation of social media campaigns were also part of my tasks.

Currently, I am working as a Group Manager at OMD Munich (most successfull agency of the world) again and where responsible for clients.

Among my other skills are in-depth knowledge of Windows and Mac OS, Microsoft Office (Office Mac), Microsoft Teams, Photoshop, Illustrator, and WordPress in the field of web design. Furthermore, I have extensive knowledge in media analysis and management, social media management, as well as the application of programs such as Integral Ad Science (IAS), Metrics, Facebook Business Manager, Snapchat for Business, Sizmek/Doubleclick/Flashtalk, AGOF/B4P/Statista, Adobe Omniture, and Google Analytics. Additionally, I have experience with Appsflyer.

I hope that my professional history and skills have given you insight into my professional qualifications. It would be an honor for me to bring my experience and skills to your company and work together with you to achieve new successes.

I am available for further information and look forward to hearing from you.

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